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Crestline Academy

Crestline Academy was established as an answer to an academic need in our community. Our goal is to offer quality educational solutions for the families in the McCall and surrounding areas. With a multi-faceted approach, we are able to create programs that benefit every unique learning situation.
​At Crestline Academy, we address the core learning needs of the student, assuring that academic benchmarks are met and a love for learning is developed and pursued.
Crestline offers programs for students of all ages. Our Junior Kindergarten program is traditional Pre-school setting with a Classical Christian Curriculum. It is academically focused but emphasizes individual learning styles for young children who are not quite ready for Kindergarten. Children in this program are usually between the ages of 3 and 5.
Our Kindergarten program also utilizes a Classical Christian Curriculum and has a very strong base in phonics and math structures. This program is intended to prepare students for their ongoing Elementary school careers. Students develop critical thinking skills through many modalities of learning. Children in this program are usually between the ages of 5 and 6.
Our grammar school program is for students 1st-5th grade. Students in our grammar school classes spend time developing deep foundations in their love for learning. They strive for mastery in all areas of learning and are excited to build on what they know.
In grades 6-8 our students enter the logic stage of learning. At this age we teach our students to argue well. We want them to dig deep and question the world around them so that they can better understand the whys behind their learning. They spend time making connections in their learning and understanding the world around them.
Our new program for Fall 2019 is for students grades 9-12. Students in our rhetoric based program are ready to take what they have learned and express it to those around them. They find joy in wisdom and the eloquent expression of knowledge. In cooperation with Logos school and ACCS students who graduate from Crestline Academy will have a diploma that is fully accredited and accepted at all major Universities.

299 S 3rd St, McCall, ID 83638, USA
299 South 3rd Street McCall Idaho 83638 US
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