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Eyespot Creative- Graphic Design

Yes you look good, but it’s my job to help you look BETTER!!! Whether you need a logo or direct mail piece, a brochure or catalog, or food/product packaging, Eyespot Creative has the experience (18 years) to design an impactful layout that will get you noticed! An ‘eyespot’ is a mark that is used in printing to register and align information to make sure it is produced properly and looks good. That is what Eyespot Creative is all about! Aligning your information in a visually pleasing manor that will make you look even better than you already look! I love it when a client has an idea but they just don’t know how to ‘make it happen’. But if you have ‘no idea’, that’s ok too. Eyespot Creative has got you covered!

Direct Mail
Identity Packages
And much more!!!

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