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Payette Lake Run 2019

September 1 @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Sunday September 1st, 2019 8:00 am Carey/Depot Park McCall, Idaho There are three event distances. All races finish at Carey Park. The complete lap around the lake is a 30K or 18.6 miles and starts at 8:00am. The 8.6 mile run or the half way around the lake run, starts at 9:00am from an unpaved section of the lake road. (buses leave at 8:05am from the finish line). The 5K run starts at 9:00 from Lick Creek Road.


No motorized support vehicles will be allowed on course, this is to limit congestion and dust for the participants. Harlow Bus service will ferry racers to the 3 mile and 8.6 mile starting lines. The shuttle will leave at 8:05am Sharp from Carey Park. If someone must drive you to the start of the 3 mile run, they need to leave immediately or wait for at least 10 minutes to avoid traffic congestion. If rides are given to the 8.6 mile start, cars must return to town via the paved road on the West side of the lake and NOT enter the dirt portion of the road.

Course Description

All participants must complete the course by 11:30 am to receive a time. The course consists of pavement, leading to dirt road, and then back to pavement. There are rolling hills and many beautiful views of the lake as this loop naturally travels around the lake. The course is marked with white powder, and there are mile markers on course. Please keep in mind that the roads are not completely closed to traffic. There are aid stations at miles 3, 6, 8, 10, 11.5, 13, 15.5, 17. Although many aid stations will have both water and sports drink, it’s always a wise decision to pack your own replenishments to ensure you have what you need when you need it. A satellite course map can be found at, 30K Course, The 8.6 mile course starts at mile 10 of this map, and the 5K mile starts at mile 15.6

30K or 18.6 Mile Run- Start Time 8:00am

The course starts on the Lake Road and immediately travels through the Downtown area. At about mile 1.2 it turns onto Warren Wagon Road and follows the road all the way around. It travels on Lick creek Road into town, and finishes where it started.

8.6 Mile Run- Start Time 9:00am

Why do we have an 8.6 mile run, and not an 8 mile run, or a 10 mile run? That’s easy! The only wide spot on the backside of the lake loop that is big enough to host runners is the little wide area that is 8.6 miles from the finish. Buses leave at 8am from the finish line, a dry bag drop box will be available to drop your clothes. DO NOT leave anything on the bus, as it will not be returning to the race.

5K or 3.1 mile Run- Start Time 9:00am

The only good spot to start this race is on the corner of Lick Creek Road, and it happens to be 3 miles from the finish. We will back the start off 1/10th of a mile back on Lick Creek to make this an official 5K. The course starts at the corner of Lick Creek Road, at 9:00 am, buses leave at 8am from the finish line, a dry bag drop box will be available to drop your clothes. DO NOT leave anything on the bus, as it will not be returning to the race. As you can imagine if the clothes drop is picked up after you leave to run the race, and it takes a little bit to load it up, and then it’s impossible safety wise to get around the runners and get to the finish line before the masses finish, YOU MIGHT HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOUR CLOTHES THAT YOU DROPPED AT THE START LINE. It might be a good idea to drop your clothes at the finish line and not the starting line of your race. I’m sorry that the clothes just can’t possibly beat you to the finish line for the short 3.1 mile run.


You can register at for this race and all City of Trees Marathon Association Inc. Races.

All races are non-refundable, non-transferable. The City Of Trees Marathon Association Inc has the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason. You must have a bib number to participate, and there or are no exchanges or refunds available.