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A Sip of Italy in the Idaho Mountains: The Story of Amaro Santa Croce USA

Imagine this: You’re nestled by a crackling fire in the Idaho mountains, the crisp air alive with the scent of pine. In your hand, a warm amber liquid simmers, a symphony of botanicals waiting to be unraveled. This isn’t just any drink, it’s a portal to Italy, a taste of friendship passed down through generations, and it all starts with Amaro Santa Croce.

Del Sannio Imports, founded by husband-and-wife duo Lee and Nick Zello, is more than just an import company; it’s a portal of authentic Italian experiences. Their star attraction? Amaro Santa Croce, a handcrafted liqueur steeped in tradition and infused with the warmth of friendship.

The story begins with a chance encounter in the charming Italian village of Santa Croce del Sannio; the ancestral home of the Zello family (formerly Zeoli). Nick and his six siblings took their 84-year-old father to see the Italian village from which his father had emigrated in 1909. Unfortunate events led the family to seek help translating some detailed conversations, and this led them to the Anzovino family who owned the local bar. True to small towns, word spread quickly throughout the village of the long-lost family sharing the same ancestral Zeoli name as many of the local residents. The Zellos were immediately embraced by the villagers, including relatives and newly made friends. These new relationships bonded quickly at the Anzovino’s bar, where they were proudly served the local liqueur, Amaro Santa Croce. This drink, and the experience, embodied “The Taste of Friendship”. Today, the Anzovino family are the guardians of the secret recipe for Amaro Santa Croce.

Each sip of Amaro Santa Croce is an experience that matches the Zellos sense of adventure and exploration. Imagine gentle caramel, anise, and citrus notes dancing with warming whispers of clove and cinnamon. It’s a symphony of botanicals that transport you to the heart of Italy, no matter where you are. Lee and Nick, captivated by the liqueur’s complex character, knew they had to bring this hidden gem to the States. “It’s an old-world liqueur for modern cocktails,” says Lee, “delicious on its own, or mixed with a wide variety of other liquors. We encourage people to experiment!” Amaro is one of the fastest growing spirits in the US, and has been declared “The drink of 2024” by Nylon, an exclusive publication of culture and fashion.

And the accolades are pouring in. In just a few months, Amaro Santa Croce has secured a silver medal at the prestigious USA Spirits Ratings, a testament to its craft and unique flavor. You can find it in liquor stores across Idaho, a symbol of the growing appreciation for culinary adventures in the state.

So, are you ready to embark on your own Italian adventure? Grab a bottle of Amaro Santa Croce, raise a glass to friendship, and let the taste transport you to the heart of Italy, right here in the Idaho mountains.

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