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We love our local Farmers Market! Along with the fresh produce, homemade goods, flowers, hand-roasted coffee, local meats, pastries and skin care products you will find a multitude of characters with a passion for small-scale farming, delicious food and direct-to-market goods.

Meet Ron & Tresa of Fiscus Farms

Ron Fiscus and Tresa Shearer, owners of Fiscus Farms, have been vendors at the market for just under ten years but the two continue to fine-tune which crops to bring to market. Currently, they sell about 400 lbs of beets, 500 lbs of potatoes and 300 lbs of carrots each year. They also have created a niche of selling sweet corn, picked asparagus and pickled eggs.

Their 2.5-acre homestead is in Pollock, between New Meadows and Riggins, and sits at 3,200 feet elevation, which means they start planting potatoes in early April. Fiscus and Shearer do not use sprays or pesticides on their crops. Shearer’s favorite line sums it up: “Have you seen the price of sprays?” The rabbits that take bites from the beets are their biggest issue, says Fiscus.

Ron grew up on a family farm in Potlatch and has always had a garden. He still uses the cultivator his dad built in a high school shop project in the early 1930s. The bike tire on it is down to just a rim, he says, but still works.

Fiscus Farms is known for their 5-seed cracker, which is also sold at the market. They bought an ancient Danish recipe and the accompanying special convection oven from a friend before she returned to Denmark.