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The Pursuit of Wellness

Relax, Refresh and Feel Restored in McCall The term “wellness” has become a buzzword. There are thousands of books, websites, podcasts, television programs and products dedicated to helping people integrate wellness into their lives. But what does that really mean? “Wellness is a kind of equilibrium,” says Renee Silvus, a Whole Health Educator, massage therapist, … Continued

Meet Our Amazing Avy Dogs

For most of us, an avalanche is something we never expect to be caught in. Savvy backcountry skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers know to pack safety gear, read forecasts and recognize the signs. For those of us who ski inside the ropes, an avalanche is rare and not something we typically worry about, or even prepare … Continued

A Gathering Place for Creativity

It is a pretty safe bet that at some point in your life you stared at a television screen, mesmerized by Bob Ross painting his “happy little trees.” There was a soothing quality to his voice as his brush floated around the canvas, dabbing paint here and there until the patchwork of odd shapes and … Continued

9 of Our Favorite Ski Area Experiences in McCall

The McCall area has always been a haven for snow seekers. From ski jumping competitions held at Blackwell Ranch in the 1920s to the development of three ski areas – the Little Ski Hill in 1937, Brundage Mountain Resort in 1961 and Tamarack Resort in 2004 – a love of winter sports has always been … Continued

Slice of Life: Behind the Plow

It isn’t magic. When school bus routes across the county are cleared of snow by 6am, it wasn’t elves that did the work. When the snow in downtown McCall has disappeared overnight, it wasn’t because a magician waved a wand. When you can make it to the local coffee shop for your daily dose of … Continued

If You Haven’t Been Fat Biking, Now Is The Time!

Have you seen these bikes around town and wondered what the heck was going on? Fat bikes have been gaining traction over the last few years in McCall for their ability to grip surfaces a traditional mountain bike would not be able to traverse. And as Nick Bohnstedt, a lifelong mountain biker and McCall resident … Continued

Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Coffee is hands down the most popular beverage in the world. It is hot, it is cozy, it is energizing. Taken straight black or with a myriad of accoutrements, a good cup of joe is like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. We are lucky to have a big variety of coffee shops … Continued

Exploring the Night Sky

As kids, a lot of us fell asleep each night to the ambiance of glow-in-the-dark star stickers. We heard the stories of Ursa Major the Great Bear, Orion the hunter, the Gemini twins and the Seven Sisters. We can all identify the Big Dipper. The lure of the stars and the space beyond has a … Continued

Burger Night

Who doesn’t love good old fashioned burger? While it is easy to discount a burger as “boring,” in and around McCall, you will find they are anything but. Seemingly endless combinations of meat, bun, toppings and accompanying sides make this family favorite an easy go-to meal. At Cougar Dave’s in Donnelly, The Cowboy is our … Continued

Yoga & Fitness

Find daily fitness classes including yoga, pilates, barre, crossfit, circuit training, TRX, PIYO, spin and swimming. Or get outside with a 5k or trail running competition. Local Resources


Local Resources


From film festivals to concerts, the famous Seven Devil’s Playwright Conference to the Children’s Theater, the epicenter of performing arts in McCall is the Alpine Playhouse. On the south end of the Valley, the Roxy Theater, which opened in 1939, blends architectural history with state-of-the-art technology where you can catch the biggest blockbuster and enjoy … Continued


Local Resources