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Snow 101

Walk Like a Penguin

Share the Road with Plows

Driving in the Snow

Avalanche Safety

We are extremely fortunate to have the Payette Avalanche Center located right in McCall, one of just 14 centers in the United States. This team provides daily avalanche forecasts from November through April. These forecasts are a tool for the recreating public to use to understand avalanche conditions and decide where and when to go.

In addition to the daily forecasts, the Payette Avalanche Center hosts several education programs and clinics each winter. From two-day immersive avalanche safety training to women’s only clinics, we highly recommend partaking in one of these educational courses, especially if you are new to backcountry recreation.

Check the forecast here and subscribe for updates here:

What is a transceiver and why do you need one?

Avalanche transceivers are worn close to the body and continuously emit a radio signal that can be picked up by other transceivers in the area. Companions with transceivers can switch them to “search” mode to locate a buried person’s signal, and with a probe help them pinpoint exactly where to dig. It is important to note that a transceiver is different than a personal locator beacon which can only be used to send an SOS signal to search and rescue teams.

Backcountry Packing Essentials

Tech in the Backcountry

We know the point of getting out of bounds is to disconnect for a time, but a few apps out there are worth bringing along on your adventures. And most work without cell service to keep you safe in the backcountry.



Helps search and rescue teams find you in the wilderness. Just download the app, subscribe, and enable the beacon before heading out for an adventure. If the worst happens, Search and Rescue teams can search for your beacon.

Powder Project


Know exactly where you are at all times – no cell service required. Powder Project helps you find ski lines wherever you travel and know where you are on the map in the backcountry.

Avalanche Forecasts


Know before you go! This app is an easy way to see the current avalanche forecast quickly. The data is cached so you can reference it if you lose cell service.

Avalanche Inclinometer


Be avy savvy when it comes to the three biggest influencers of an avalanche: the slope, the elevation and the aspect. This app shows you all three based on your location.

Open Snow


Know when to plan your powder days! Open Snow provides a 10-day snow forecast, a snow report and ski conditions all at the tip of your fingers.

Gaia GPS


A great planning tool with offline GPS maps, satellite imagery, topo maps and navigation tools to help you analyze the terrain while you are in the backcountry.



The map builder tool in this app is ideal for creating your own customized, layered map tailored to your specific needs. Optional layers include everything from public land designations and management agencies, motor vehicle use and routes, slope angle shading, sun exposure and more.