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  • Address: 605 N 3rd St | McCall, ID 83638
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 350 | McCall, ID 83638
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We are a two-stoplight town with Highway 55 running directly through downtown. That means traffic is a thing here. While left-hand turns aren’t illegal, it can really jam up the flow. We highly recommend taking the extra few minutes to turn right and drive around the block. It will safe your sanity and the sanity of the driver behind you.


McCall has a lot of them and they get a lot of use! Be mindful of crosswalk locations and at intersections where pedestrian traffic is high.

Share the Road

Affectionately known as “sharrows,” the arrows with a bike icon painted on roadways lets motorists know that they are on a designated share the road route. Key routes include Forest Street, Lick Creek Road, Lake Street, Lakeside Avenue, and Mill Street. Learn more by clicking here.

Parking Maps

From downtown street parking to large dedicated lots, there is actually a wealth of parking options around McCall. Use the City of McCall’s app to find parking locations near you. In the winter, find parking for snowmobile trailers at the Mill Road Parking Lot or Golf Course Parking Lot to ensure your vehicle stays safe.

Snow Removal

During the winter months, it is illegal to park overnight in the downtown core (between 3am and 7am) for snow removal efforts. View Map