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Relax, Refresh, and Feel Restored in McCall

The term “wellness” has become a buzzword. There are thousands of books, websites, podcasts, television programs and products dedicated to helping people integrate wellness into their lives. But what does that really mean?

“Wellness is a kind of equilibrium,” says Renee Silvus, a Whole Health Educator, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and the energy behind Luminaire coaching. “Wellness is having life balance, a solid sense of yourself from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective.” Physical wellness involves movement, exercise and nutrition; emotional wellness thrives on building relationships; mental wellbeing is about keeping your mind alive with reading, studying and learning; spiritual wellness gives purpose and meaning to life. In addition to these core areas, there is a fifth… shadow work. “Shadow work is really interesting because it focuses on your blind spots,” says Silvus, “trying to identify those things that you are not aware of.”

In the world of to-do lists, deadlines and packed schedules, it can seem a bit daunting to make room for dedicated self-care in all of these areas. The good news? It is easier than you might think! “You just have to find the door you are willing to walk through,” says Silvus, “that one entry point to start you on a restorative path.” The key says Silvus, is to find the thing that speaks to you and do it first every day. “If you save your self-care for later in the day,” she says, “it will get hijacked.”

In the field of wellness, Silvus says that there is a lovely sense of collaboration, not competition, especially in the McCall area. “Our job as the people behind the door is to support you on your journey.” This sense of collaboration paired with area amenities makes McCall uniquely situated to help you find your door.

The landscape itself, with miles of trails to explore and access to endless recreation, provides ample opportunity to feed your wellness with fresh air. Gathering places like the Manchester Ice Center, local coffee shops, and the Brundage Mountain parking lot offer easy places to meet and mingle and join the culture of our community. Our area non-profits provide programming and events to bring people together, teach new skills and support a meaningful cause.

And when it comes to meeting your edge, that uncomfortable place that can help you identify your shadow areas, there is no shortage of opportunity. “The edge is where growth is,” says Silvus. Learning a new sport or skill, joining a group that puts you out of your comfort zone or challenges your norms, or even listening to and accepting the differences among people at a gathering place can be an edge point for growth.

With all of these options for adding purposeful self-care to your life, perhaps the easiest door to walk through is a visit to a spa. “People tend to think of a spa treatment as an indulgence, a treat,” says Silvus. “The reality is that a massage or a facial or a pedicure gives you time to plug back into yourself and get restored.”

So take that first step. Make the appointment. Walk through the door and find your equilibrium with a customized experience at one of our local wellness providers.



If you are after a truly unique experience in McCall, look no further than Alpenglow Salt Spa. Their services include on-trend treatments like sound bowl therapy, Thai yoga massage and CBD oil-infused treatments as well as traditional Swedish and deep tissue massages and essential oil applications. But the cornerstone of Alpenglow is salt.

This isn’t regular old table salt. Alpenglow specializes in Pink Himalayan, Hawaiian Red and Black Charcoal salts. These salt compounds have highly concentrated, naturally occurring minerals and elements that aid in health and healing by pulling toxins from your skin. When combined with massage, which helps detoxify the body by stimulating the circulatory and lymph systems, a salt treatment elevates your spa experience and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. We love the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Scrub to get the full experience with this amazing compound.

And you can even take it home with you. Alpenglow offers a unique “Scrub and Glow” salt bar where you can mix your own signature salt blend. On top of that, they also carry one-of-a-kind products like matcha green tea body butter, charcoal mint soap, sandalwood and lavender beard oil (for you gents out there!),  candles in scents like “Coconut Bourbon” and “Merlot” and a full line of CBD infused products to carry on the therapy at home.

Oh, and they give amazing hugs. Sometimes, that is just what the doctor ordered.



This cozy hideaway is equal parts style and skincare. As a women’s consignment boutique, Mountain Renewal offers gently used fashion covering the spectrum from Michael Kors to The North Face. The walls are lined with artfully placed selections of tops, jeans, sweaters, cocktail dresses, handbags, heels, boots and jewelry. Mixed into the rows of colorful clothing are Image Skincare products, offering an initial glimpse of the wide range of professional esthetician services also offered at Mountain Renewal.

Some of the most sought-after treatments include dermaplane, microneedling, their signature European facial and spray tanning. Dermaplaning is by far the most requested service at Mountain Renewal. This chemical-free exfoliation scrapes away dead skin cells and peach fuzz facial hair to leave skin ultra-smooth, fresh and glowing. Microneedling is a minimally invasive collagen induction therapy. Often confused with dermarolling, microneedling uses a dermapen to help stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin production. This procedure can help with a wide spectrum of skincare issues including acne scarring, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

Mountain Renewal’s European facial goes above and beyond. This experience is fully customized to your specific skincare concerns and begins with a four-step deep pore cleansing system to ensure subsequent skincare products will be properly absorbed. Following the deep cleanse, the facial includes an exfoliating mask, hydrating anti-aging mask and ending with an anti-inflammatory, SPF moisturizer. Each facial also includes eye and lip care plus a face, arm, hand, neck and shoulder massage. Yes please!

For sun-seekers wanting a mid-winter glow, Mountain Renewal also offers spray tanning in two colors: Tahitian, a medium golden bronze and Lava, with a deeper red undertone.

And for those wanting an at-home skincare routine to maintain a fresh glow, pick up everything you need with Image Skincare products. Best-sellers include the daily tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, Vital C anti-aging serum, bio molecular Masques and the plum Brightening Powder.



If you are seeking an experience that immerses you in both the natural splendor and adventure of Idaho, look no further than The Cove, An Authentic McCall Spa. With offerings like nature-based massages, facials and body treatments that are performed using a holistic and organic skincare line, The Cove aims to meet the needs of both luxury pleasure seekers and active outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of The Cove’s most popular treatments include the Footprints Massage, a foot pampering treatment utilizing the ancient eastern methodology of Reflexology targeting pressure points on the feet and various body parts, and the Skipping Stones massage with warming oils and tension relieving techniques. The Forest Flora facial is also a crowd favorite, incorporating strawberry rhubarb hyaluronic serum for skin and lip repair as well as eye-brightening solutions. For a full-body treat, try the Skin Deep Blue Wrap utilizing blueberries and their powerful antioxidants to improve circulation and skin elasticity.

While we love a single treatment, one of the best ways to enjoy The Cove is with a signature “Excursion.” These packages combine treatments tailored to your specific needs, perfectly blending a rush of adrenaline and a sense of calm. From the two-and-a-half hour “Jughandle Mountain” Excursion that includes a Vintage McCall Massage and a Mountain Mist Facial, to the six-hour “Borah Peak” Excursion where you are treated to a Skipping Stones Massage, Clearwater Scrub, Forest Floral Facial and lunch served by the immersion pools followed by a manicure and pedicure, these packages are the ultimate in relaxation.

Top off the day with a dip in the indoor-outdoor saltwater immersion pools. With your feet in the water, a glass of champagne in hand and the warmth of the outdoor fireplace at your back, you can’t help but feel at peace.



Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax. Let tension and stress melt away at Unwind Body Spa in McCall. Their experienced staff combines talent and passion for wellness with a boutique feel to give you a custom spa experience aimed at getting you back to your natural state.

One of the first things you will notice at Unwind is the view. Their treatment rooms offer spectacular views of both Payette Lake and the mountains beyond…views that put you in a perfect frame of mind for some relaxation. Unwind offers a wide variety of custom massages – from decadent spa massage that will melt you into the table – to trigger point, nerve work, reflexology, sports massage and therapeutic acute and chronic pain relief sessions.

Aside from overlooking Payette Lake, one of the most unique offers at Unwind is a Wellness Membership. The Wellness Membership pays homage to the hard-working, hard-playing people who live in and visit the McCall area. Between long hours at work and long weekends making the most of the area’s natural playground, stress, body aches and injury can creep into the picture. This Membership is an affordable self-care program constructed to keep you feeling and performing at your best so you are free to live, play and feel amazing.

Unwind has also expanded their services to include facials, lash services, waxing, Sjolie spray tanning in a variety of natural, custom shades and colors and has partnered with McCall Aesthetics, a custom medi-spa focused on customized aesthetics care. Between treatments, shop the clothing, skincare and fun finds at Unwind’s boutique.


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