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Learn Something New: Curling

Every four years when the winter Olympics roll around, curling enjoys a boost in popularity. Maybe it is because ordinary looking folks make some extraordinary shots and become gold or silver or bronze medalists. And while we sit engrossed cheering on the curling teams on television, it often doesn’t occur to us that we can … Continued

Learn Something New: Ice Fishing

At first glance, sitting on a frozen lake staring down a narrow hole in the ice waiting for a fish to bite may not seem all that exciting. In fact, it seems cold. And boring? Until you talk to Chris Weber. A more enthusiastic fisherman you won’t meet and his passion for the nuances and … Continued

Learn Something New: Nordic Skiing

A lone skier gracefully glides down a trail lost in thought and surrounded by the quiet of a snow-covered day. They soak in the solitude and stillness of the forest as they skate through the crisp winter air. Then, around the next turn, that idyllic serenity kicks over to exhilaration and speed as the trail … Continued

Learn Something New: Alpine Skiing

The big kahuna. Hands down, learning to ski as an adult is met with the most resistance. Watching little kids fly down the hill with no fear certainly doesn’t help lessen the intimidation factor. A 5-year-old definitely isn’t thinking about insurance premiums as they bomb through the trees. But getting the nerve to step into … Continued

Slice of Life: The Trapper Cabin

More Than Just a Cabin in the Woods Wallace Stegner wrote in The Sound of Mountain Water, “One cannot be pessimistic about the West. This is the native home of hope. When it fully learns that cooperation, not rugged individualism, is the quality that most characterizes and preserves it, then it will have achieved itself … Continued

Sunshine and Hope

A gardener is an eternal optimist. There is so much hope and expectation that comes with putting a seed in the ground. That optimism is coupled with a healthy dose of determination and grit when it comes to gardening in a high-altitude climate like McCall. Every flower that blooms here, every berry that ripens, every … Continued

5 Overnight Backpacking Hikes

Sometimes a destination is simply too beautiful to leave. If spending a few hours at an alpine lake just isn’t long enough, try one of these great lakes for an overnight campout. Each offers secluded campsites along the shore for a magical night in the forest. East Fork of Lake Fork Creek Most overnight destinations … Continued

Slice of Life: For the Love of Dogs

McPaws Volunteers are on the Giving AND Receiving End of Unconditional Love Dogs. They bring so much joy to our lives. But not every dog has a loving family to call their own. The McCall community is fortunate to have a proactive, no-kill shelter with paid staff dedicated to finding homes for stray and surrendered … Continued

Sip & Savor

Golf and cocktails? Check. Axe throwing and appetizers? Double-check. While we can all appreciate a fancy sit-down dinner, sometimes you need to get up and move…and Foresters in McCall and Palooza Basecamp & Eatery in Cascade offer two fun ways to do just that. Both are in historic buildings, and both are providing some unexpected … Continued

5 Hikes for Great Fishing

Hooking a fish is always exciting but reeling one in from a high mountain lake you have all to yourself takes the experience to a whole new level. Idaho Fish and Game stocks many of the lakes in the area with trout. Find their stocking schedule online at And while the goal may be … Continued

Tee Up a Golf Getaway

Ninety-nine. There are 99 holes of golf to play between Cascade and Council. That is an impressive number on its own, but pair that with stunning scenery that ranges from lakefront tee boxes to fairways tucked into old growth forest and it is obvious the McCall area is a golfer’s dream.  Even if you have … Continued

The Hills Are Alive… (Again!)…with the Sound of Music

This summer, the stars appear to be aligning for a lively music season, with favorite local festivals and concert series’ making a strong comeback for Summer 2022!  Although we have all missed live shows, the artists who perform at them are even more eager to get back in the act. West Mountain Takeover, a local … Continued

Making the Connection: McCall Pathways Make it Possible

With all the adrenaline-inducing single-track and endless scenic hikes in the area, we can sometimes forget about how much we love our urban, multiuse trails. The paved pathways and designated bike routes, the boardwalk, and the lake loop- these are the routes we take daily. The ones that make is possible to take a bike … Continued