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Winter Itinerary | Ski & Snowboarding Day

Whether you’re coming all the way across the country, or just up the highway from the Treasure Valley, a winter trip to the McCall area is well worth the effort. Once you arrive, McCall is a pleasant surprise in so many ways, starting with the quality and variety of outdoor activities. What was once a … Continued

Chef Feature | Josh Stanton of the Checkpoint at Hotel NoBo

Growing up in Florida, Chef Josh Stanton opted to join the Navy directly out of high school. After being medically discharged, Stanton picked up a job washing dishes… and discovered his true passion. “I fell in love with the camaraderie of the kitchen,” he says. “I knew I had to pursue a culinary profession.” That … Continued

Winter Itinerary | Family “Yes Day”

Families come in all shapes and sizes and it can be tricky to find activities that strike the right balance when it comes to energy, attention span, and athletic skill. Parents want to make great vacation memories for the kids, but, let’s be honest, we’d also like to relax a little! Here’s a quick rundown … Continued

Winter Itinerary | Winter Adventure Seekers

The mountains of soft powder snow and expansive trail systems in the backcountry provide all the right ingredients to help adrenaline junkies get their fix. Seasoned backcountry skiers have their own favorite approaches. Experienced snowmobile riders have their favorite stashes. But you don’t need to have a ton of local knowledge to ‘get the goods’ … Continued

Spirit Unleashed – The Idaho Dog Sled Challenge Hits Its Stride

The rugged landscapes of Idaho have long been associated with adventure and exploration. In the heart of the snow-covered West Central Mountains, an extraordinary event unfolds each winter that showcases the remarkable partnership between humans and their canine companions – the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge. The Idaho Sled Dog Challenge (ISDC) is an annual long-distance … Continued

Chef Feature | Marcus Stewart of Shore Lodge & Whitetail

A nail in the finger was the nail in the coffin for Chef Marcus Stewart’s construction career. Growing up in South Carolina with grandparents who owned a large farm, Stewart always gravitated toward fresh food. Family members who lived nearby raised chickens, pigs, and cattle. All that fresh produce and farm-raised livestock left a lasting … Continued

Winter Itinerary | Self – Guided Outings

Self-Guided Outings – No Lift Ticket Required Cafe 6Three4, Photographed by Case Conti Visuals You don’t need to be a gravity hound to get active outdoors in McCall. The area has plenty to offer those who prefer to recreate on less precipitous surfaces. Before you head out for a day of Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or … Continued

Chef Feature | Thomas Smith and Janelle Toohey of Frenchies on Third

Thomas and Janelle met in Talkeetna, Alaska. “We have both been industry people for a long time,” says Janelle, “despite our parents’ best efforts.” Janelle was already established at the hotel where they worked when Thomas moved from New Orleans after twelve years of running restaurants in the French Quarter. He was working in the … Continued

Winter Itinerary | In Search of Solitude

Snow-covered mountains naturally instill a sense of calm in all who carve out quiet moments among them. Those looking for an extra bit of solace during their trip to McCall can approach that in a few different ways. Photo Credit John Webster WINTERTIME FOREST BATHING Forest bathing and forest therapy (Shinrin-Yoku) is the conscious and … Continued

Keeping it Fresh | Fun New Ski Experiences

Brundage Mountain Resort The buzz around Brundage Mountain Resort this winter is all about the new Centennial Express chairlift, and for good reason. The new Doppelmayr high-speed quad cuts the base-to-top ride time from 16 minutes to just six. Having two high-speed quads on the front side of the mountain is truly a game-changer: … Continued

Chef Feature | Gary Kucy of Rupert’s at Hotel McCall

On a bustling Thursday with Thai Night specials racing out of the kitchen or a packed house for a special Winemaker Dinner, you wouldn’t know that Chef Gary Kucy never meant to be here. “This career happened completely by accident,” he says. That fateful, happy accident was the result of a high school job at … Continued

Winter Itinerary | A Laid-Back Day for Your Girlfriend Getaway

The modern girlfriend getaway is just as likely to include a backcountry snowcat or snowmobile adventure or a Fat Bike Tour, but if your stay allows for a ‘down day’, we’ve got some suggestions on how to make the most of it. First, and most importantly, START SLOW. More active winter pursuits often require an … Continued