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  • Address: 605 N 3rd St | McCall, ID 83638
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 350 | McCall, ID 83638
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Heartfelt hello from the Harris family at Burgdorf Hot Springs. We have all been through a lot the past year, and urge everyone to have patience, understanding and compassion as we all move forward in a positive direction through everything that has upended all of our lives.

We are fourth generation family owners of Burgdorf Hot Springs, a National Register Historic Site in the heart of the Payette National Forest 32 miles north of McCall, Idaho, originally settled by Fred Burgdorf in 1865 and purchased by James Harris from Mr. Burgdorf in 1923. Grandson, Scott assumed and maintains ownership since 1967, along with his wife, Connie, and four children, all committed to restoring the property while offering the utterly unique and fragile historic experience to guests in a sustainable fashion. Recently, Burgdorf has been “discovered”, and, at times, overrun. This popularity has necessitated a regrouping to continue to provide the thoughtful, peaceful atmosphere we have striven to preserve, while, at the same time, allowing for sufficient income to sustain the needed restoration and improvements. This has included, among other things, coming up with a model which identifies and resolves those factors which have become detrimental to those goals and to the good of Burgdorf.

We successfully reopened in January on a limited basis, both for Covid safety reasons, and to give us a chance to offer the type of experience we feel captures the essence of Burgdorf. This has included, at least temporarily, pool access only by folks who are cabin guests. To reopen as safely as possible, we have offered reduced daily cabin occupancy. We have increased pricing to meet overhead.

Feedback from guests, both newbies and experienced “Burgdorfians” who have stayed since reopening has been overwhelmingly appreciative and supportive, including our efforts at Covid safety. We hope those who are skeptical or critical will visit in person.

In the future, when Covid allows, we hope to be able open more fully. This would include offering outside pool access on a reservation basis. Hosting of events, such as weddings, family gatherings and seminars will also be possible in numbers compatible with the Burgdorf vision.

We will update our policies periodically as things evolve. Please stay tuned here on the website. And stay safe, vaccinated, and hug your loved ones (safely, of course). Thank you all for enduring this wild ride with us. We do appreciate you.

Burgdorf, ID, United States