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Making the Connection: McCall Pathways Make it Possible

With all the adrenaline-inducing single-track and endless scenic hikes in the area, we can sometimes forget about how much we love our urban, multiuse trails. The paved pathways and designated bike routes, the boardwalk, and the lake loop- these are the routes we take daily. The ones that make is possible to take a bike … Continued

5 Early Season Hikes

Sometimes we just can’t wait to get back on the trail after a long winter. If you are itching to get out and explore, we rounded up a few options for early season adventures. As with any early season recreation, keep an eye on the weather and postpone your hike if trails are muddy. Rapid … Continued

A Laid-Back Winter Girlfriend Getaway

The modern girlfriend getaway is just as likely to include a backcountry snowcat or snowmobile adventure (see Guide #5) or a Fat Bike Tour (Guide #2), but if your stay allows for a ‘down day’, we’ve got some suggestions on how to make the most of it. First, and most importantly, START SLOW. More active … Continued

5 Great Hikes With Young Kids

Finding a trail with a gentle slope and manageable distance for little legs without sacrificing scenery can seem like a daunting task. But McCall is home to a plethora of short, stunning hikes the entire family will enjoy. And if all else fails, remember to bring some candy for the trek. There is nothing like … Continued

Sip & Savor: Tamarack Resort

There is something big happening in the valley…Tamarack Resort launched an abundance of brand new dining options that have our mouths watering. At The Reserve, guests are treated to an upscale yet approachable atmosphere where they can enjoy a hearty fusion of Mediterranean, Italian and American flavors. The menu features fresh, seasonally sourced ingredients as … Continued

Idaho Gold: A Middle Fork River Trip

By Samantha Sais, all photos credit Samantha Sais The rivers of Idaho offer an enormous variety of accessible whitewater rafting, perhaps more than anywhere else on earth. Whether you are seeking a moderate class II-III, or are kayaking some serious class V, there’s a world-class section of river for everyone, and a guided outfitter in … Continued

5 Uphill Hikes to Get Your Heart Pumping

Sweat equity can make the view at the top so much sweeter. These hikes are some of our favorite uphill treks that pay dividends both along the trail and at your destination. Higher elevation means wildflowers bloom a bit later, the landscape is lush, and the views are nothing short of spectacular. Snowslide Lake/Maki Lake … Continued

Backcountry Flying

It isn’t often we get to experience something truly awe-inspiring. For Lori MacNichol, owner of McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, flying does just that. “It changes everything,” she says. “The way you look at things, the way you feel about them…it changes everything about the ‘ordinary.’” With our proximity to 4.5 million acres of wilderness area, … Continued

Favorite Hiking Trails Around McCall – Ask An Expert

It is no secret that there is something special about putting one foot in front of the other along a dirt path. From Pythagoras and Hippocrates to Muir, Longfellow and Thoreau, philosophers, writers, and scientists alike love to wax poetic about this simple outdoor activity.  And for good reason. There are about a million benefits … Continued

The Odd Couple

Mountain Bikers and Dirt Bike Riders Team Up to Preserve Trails (cover photo courtesy Mountain bikers and dirt bike riders would seem an odd couple in most places. In McCall, these recreational enthusiasts have found common ground and formed a partnership to protect the riding areas they both love. This uncommon pairing got its … Continued

Lookout! Find A New View

  The feeling you get when you find a great view can be breathtaking. The beauty of the landscape, the sense of being above the daily grind and the inherent satisfaction of exploring a new place provide an opportunity to pause and take it all in. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective. Change … Continued

Hiking Guide: Josephine Lake

Photos courtesy Nicole Musgrove Josephine Lake is an emerald stunner. The hike is easy and family-friendly, with just under a mile to walk each way. Greeting you at the end of the hike is a beautiful 13-acre lake that hugs an impressive granite cirque capped with a view of the 8,286-foot Squaw Point. Once at … Continued

Carving A Path

Payette River Basin Water Trails By: Roger Phillips   Look across the mirrored surface and feel the pleasant resistance as you pull your paddle through the water and hear the soft gurgle as you lift it and take the next stroke. You’re surrounded by evergreen forests rising from the mountain slopes, and rocky peaks patched … Continued