The vast and diverse riding opportunities available in the region have brought world-class athletes and riders to explore some of the best winter terrain around. Make no mistake about it, world class athlete or not, snowmobiling is a doable sport for almost anyone. Whether you want to rent and ride your own machine or hire a seasoned guide to show you the ropes, the McCall area can accommodate both options.





Download our new georeferenced pdf map to use in apps like Avenza. The McCall Area Snowmobile Club has also helped identify “Play Areas” that make great destinations for experienced riders to explore off-trail. As always, please be sure to check current avalanche conditions before heading into the backcountry!

Play Area Descriptions

Association Cabin/Twin Lakes P.A.
Nice meadow at the cabin on the west side of the groomed trail with a small hill to practice climbing and side-hilling. With more ex-perience, wander west and south to the eastern faces of the neighboring ridge and drop into Twin Lakes that has a few chutes for the medium to expert rider. Or venture north of the cabin into Coral Lake bobbing in and out of the trees and gently climbing. This area is just north of Granite Mountain and the Seasonal Closed Cat-Ski Area. You can climb the “Boulevard” on the west side of Goose Lake and go up towards Granite Mountain Lookout and drop into Twin Lakes but be sure to abide the closure signs (Jan 15 – March 31) for the Cat-Ski Program. At the top of the Boulevard the cat-ski road splits with one going north and the other south. The trails are closed to snowmobile use beyond this point. West of this intersection is open for snowmobiles going westerly to Granite Mountain Lookout. If in doubt, stay on the main groomed Goose Lake Road trail until Association Cabin and avoid the Granite Mountain Boulevard.

Duck Lake P.A.
North of Association Cabin is Junction B that goes over to Junction C and is groomed when snow amounts warrant. When groomed, beginner and intermediate riders can follow the trail, playing along the way, and get into Duck Lake, ride over the ridge to the east, drop into Duck Meadow, and continue over to the groomed Fisher Creek Trail. Play areas and terrain to satisfy beginner to expert, depending on snow levels. If it has not been groomed, this terrain is more suitable for intermediate to expert riders.

Black Tip P.A.
Once a snowmobiler is on the Fisher Creek Trail, they can ride south and west and get onto the east face of Slab Butte. This is a great play area through the trees and challenges to get up on the east face. Option A: continue north to Fisher Creek Saddle with play areas above and below the road for the intermediate and expert riders. Option B: continue east of Fisher Creek Trail and challenge yourself to get into Ellis and Horton Lakes and beyond. North of these lakes is mountainous terrain for the advanced intermediate and expert riders. The ultimate challenge is Black Tip, which is a jagged conical mountain peak of rock and sheds the snow all winter. Hence, it looks black against the snowy background. Not the highest of peaks, but very noticeable. The terrain surrounding it is what is the challenge. Avalanches are a major concern in the area of Black Tip. At the southern end of the Black Tip P.A. is Granite Lake that can be reached by taking the right fork at Junction Wand heading north. You will pass through Sater Meadow, which is a great play area for beginners. Continue up the trail to Granite Lake and play along the shores of the lake.

Hard Lake P.A.
From Association Cabin, continue north on the main groomed trail to the Warming Hut at the Hard Creek Trail head. It is located on the east side of the trail near a USFS vaulted toilet. From here, one can boondock easterly into the Hard Creek drainage and follow it up to Hard Creek Lake. North and east of this lake are Upper Hazard Lake and a couple of challenging treed bowls to play in.

Hazards P.A.
Continue north of Upper Hazard Lake and play in the meadows and hillsides as you continue to Main Hazard and possibly on to Big Hazard or follow the main groomed trail to Main Hazard Lake and then go north or south of there. The ridge north and east of Big Hazard Lake is Lava Butte and can provide some great powder and tree riding for the advanced intermediate and expert riders.

Clayborn P.A.
Clayborn area is at the north end of the groomed trail past Association Cabin. This is a large area consisting of nice open areas for beginners and mountain lakes to peek into for the intermediate and expert riders. You won’t want to leave until you have tracked it all up, so bring extra fuel to get you back to the parking lot.

Pearl Creek P.A.
From Francis Wallace or Brush Creek Parking Lots, travel the main groomed trail to Junction I. Turn east and follow it easterly going straight past Junction Z. Once at the end of the groomed trail the area is great for the intermediate and expert riders to hone their skills. Boondock a little further east, without going over the ridge, and head southerly. A good GPS, or map skills, will get you into Pearl Lake. From here you can head easterly to the ridgeline and look down in Marge Lake. Or, keep heading southerly to find Brush Lake. These areas have great terrain for the advanced intermediate to expert riders. Snowmobilers riding in this area beyond the end of the groomed trail should be proficient in map and compass usage or GPS usage.

North Fork Meadows P.A.
Northerly on the main groomed trail (Warren Wagon Road) until you are about a mile north of Upper Payette Lake there is a large meadow west and below the road. There is an ungroomed road that goes into the meadow or some folks boondock off of the main trail down to it. This is a great area for beginner and intermediate riders. It is large and flat. Caution: there is a creek that meanders through the meadow and is not always frozen.

Deep/Trail Lakes P.A.
There is an old logging road on the east side of the main trail just south of the Cloochman Saddle Road. Take this old logging road easterly to the end and find your best spot to boondock into Frog, Trail, and Deep Lakes. Several bowls are above these lakes for the adventurous riders. Not for beginners. Beware of Avalanche terrain.

Cornice Point P.A.
Take the Cloochman Saddle Road off of the main trail and head westerly. Once you get to the first bridge, head northerly and there are some nice draws and ridges to play on. Or, continue north on the main trail over Secesh Summit until you find the first road that goes westerly. Follow this road to the end and continue boondocking westerly until you pull up into the basin that holds Josephine Lake. This is a great area to practice boondocking and play in a number of pockets and bowls.

War Eagle P.A.
This particular Play Area is basically following a mountain road that is not groomed but can take you into California Lake and War Eagle Mountain/Lookout. Intermediate riders can make it into California Lake by basically following the ungroomed road. Intermediate riders can possibly make it to War Eagle Mountain/Lookout by boondocking easterly of the road just a couple miles prior to getting to the lake. This route is best for advanced intermediate to expert riders. Once at the Mountain/Lookout continue easterly following the road, the best that you can, and continue easterly until you tie into the main groomed trail that takes you into Warren. This Mountain/ Lookout trail is hard to find at times due to snow conditions and drifting. A GPS would be a great tool on this trip.


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