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Writer Arthur Plotnik once called the ponderosa pine “a Clint Eastwood of a tree.” These massive pines are rugged, lean, and hearty, living 500 years or more. Ironically, these resilient trees have a softer side. The bark of a ponderosa smells like butterscotch (yes, seriously!). It is easy to find ponderosa pines dotting the landscape, but McCall has a completely unique way to appreciate these majestic trees…by zip lining into one!

If you are after a really unique way to see the sights, there are two great options to zip through the trees:

Tamarack Resort Zipline Adventure

Tamarack Resort, credit John Webster

Tamarack’s thrilling, action-packed zipline tour includes eight zip lines and two suspension bridges covering 3,500 feet of stunning mountain terrain. Fly over creeks, canyons, and forest while enjoying stunning views of Lake Cascade and the valley below.

The pièce de résistance of the tour is zipping onto a platform built around a ponderosa pine. The circular structure soars about 100 feet off of the ground and affords spectacular views along with a big adrenaline rush! Once on the platform, you can feel the movement of the tree. We will admit the sensation is a bit out of this world, but don’t worry, the expert guides make sure you are harnessed securely at all times. After zipping into the tree, a quick walk around the platform and you are all set to zip right back out.

Zipline Tours are available seven days a week during the summer season. The morning tour departs at 9am and 10am and the afternoon tour departs at 1pm and 2pm.

Visit the Tamarack Resort Zipline Adventures website

Zip McCall Adventures

Zip McCall offers something for everyone with 600 acres of zip lines, suspension bridges, a tree house and public hiking and mountain biking trails. Choose from one of four adventures:

  1. Aerial Adventure Park: Ideal for those as young as 7 years old (must be 48″ tall) and consisting of a Balance Log, Wobble Log, Postman’s Walk, Grapevine Walk, 3 Rope Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Burma Loops, Saw Bridge, and a mini Zip Zap Zipline,
  2. Compact Tour: A quick way to get a zip experience! Zip along a 350′ line, walk across a 125′ suspension bridge to the Look Out Deck at 100′ high then zip out of the Deck on a 500′ line. Tour takes about an hour for a group of 10.
  3. Core Tour: A longer tour that includes zip lining and two short hikes. Start by zipping into the Grandpa Tree, 350′ above the ground. This tour includes a total of 3,550 feet of zip lines and lasts between 1.5 and  2.5 hours depending on the group size.
  4. Extreme Tour: Includes all six zip lines and both suspension bridges (a total of 8,000 feet of zip lines) plus some moderate hiking. The tour lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours depending on group size.

Reservations for any tour with Zip McCall are strongly recommended, although walk-up guests are welcome.

Visit the Zip McCall Adventures website