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The Official 2023 McCall Winter Carnival Guide


Tip #1    Expect snow and ice at the McCall WINTER Carnival

We get snow here. A lot of snow. While other parts of the State enjoy crisp winter weather without a lot of the white stuff, that is simply not the case in McCall. We see 300+ inches each winter and that means icy walkways, snow-covered side roads, and massive piles of snow in parking lots.

Each year we hear a lot of feedback about ice and snow on sidewalks, walkways, and in front of businesses. While we are pretty darn good at snow removal, it simply isn’t possible to clear every single square inch. If it snows during the event, it is 10x harder to clear because there are lots of extra people to work around. If the weather warms up just a bit or if lots of people walk in the same area, it can quickly melt and turn to ice overnight. We do our best, but we are not miracle workers. Plan for icy conditions and wear the appropriate footwear (see Tip #2).

Tip #2    Dress for success…that means layers!

Even a bluebird day can turn chilly pretty quickly if the sun pops behind a cloud. Layers are your best friends at the McCall Winter Carnival!

Tip #3    Walk like a penguin. Yes, really.

It’s true! Penguins are a perfect model for winter walking:

Tip #4    Keep right to keep traffic flowing

Lots of people  = lots of traffic. When town gets busy, local know that left turns are nearly impossible. Plan you route so you only encounter right-hand turns or take the extra time to turn right and make a loop back to where you want to go. Trust us. You will be much happier and the drivers behind you will as well!

Looking for where to park? Check out the City of McCall’s fancy interactive parking map HERE.

Tip #5    Be a good human

Crowds, waiting in lines, kids (and adults) exhausted after having lots of fun…it can make patience run thin. Please remember that we are all just humans working to help other humans. We are family-owned businesses, double overtime workers, and volunteers. When the frustration rises, here are some of our favorite ways to bring the happy back: