The Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association (CIMBA) will be breaking ground this summer on a brand new 33-mile trail around Payette Lake. “We see this as the showcase trail for McCall,” says Joe Weede, president of CIMBA. Modeled after the Tahoe Rim Trail in Lake Tahoe, the new trail will be open to mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners.

The first phase of the project will see between 4 to 7 miles of trail built to connect the existing Payette Rim Trail to North Beach on Payette Lake. Subsequent phases are in the planning stage, but no set timeframe for the project’s completion has been set. “We want a good product with a professional builder on board so the trails are sustainable,” says Weede. Enter IMBA Trail Solutions. An international leader in trail design and construction, IMBA Trail Solutions has been hired to spearhead the Payette Lake Trail development.

The vision for the entire trail system is to appeal to a broad range of users. The difficulty level is categorized as “intermediate” with the biggest climb topping out at 700 feet. Otherwise, most ascents and descents will hover around 200 feet in elevation change. Dave Bingaman, CIMBA trail coordinator, says “the phase one route alone is going to be phenomenal.”

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